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San Diego Occupational Therapy specializes in Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT)

We provide services that support and promote the achievement of a child’s independence and overall development. We believe in a team approach with all of the families we work with – emphasizing effective communication with parents and individualized strategies for home to carry over all the gains made within treatment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy is a profession concerned with promoting a child’s health and well-being through occupation. A child’s occupation is to learn, grow, develop, and to play! Therapeutic activities may include physical play such as jumping, climbing and fine motor tasks such as buttoning, getting dressed, feeding, and writing. Some children have difficulty meeting their age appropriate developmental skills, and may need some help to achieve these skills that propel them into adulthood. At San Diego Occupational Therapy, we help children develop necessary skills so that their transition into adulthood becomes a path to an independent and rewarding life. Our pediatric occupational therapists provide evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

Our pediatric occupational therapists help children develop the skills to perform the tasks of their everyday lives using creative methods to motivate the children and to ensure their experience at San Diego Occupational Therapy is successful and enjoyable!  We value our relationships with caregivers, teachers and physicians, and realize that collaboration is essential to create effective carry-over from the clinic to home and school.