Feeding Groups


San Diego Occupational Therapy  now offers feeding groups for children ages 12 months and up who have specialized feeding challenges.


Feeding Groups Services

  • Limited food repertoire
  • Eats less than 20 foods
  • Difficulty with transition to textured foods
  • Difficulty tolerating smells, tastes, or colors of foods
  • Unable to tolerate new foods on plate
  • Refuses entire categories of foods
  • Behavior challenges or meltdowns at meals
  • Failure to thrive or weight gain challenges
  • Food allergies
  • Low oral muscle tone or weak oral motor skills
  • Reliance on gastrostomy tube
  • History of reflux, dysphagia, or aspiration

This specialized feeding group will be tailored to each child’s specific need while encouraging peer interactions at mealtimes.  The group will be family centered by increasing positive interactions at meals and improve overall food enjoyment for all!

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